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For those with varying degrees of blindness and a Love of Music!

The Blind Musician Community
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This community is here for anyone who is or has interest in music with a secondary interest in the b
This is a community for musicians with various levels of blindness. Here we can discuss musicianship, technical difficulties, or any other matter relating to blindness and music. Please keep to the topic of the community.

Some things to follow:
~Please be polite and considerate to all members. Anyone repetitively using foul language, being consistently rude, or any other negative behavior to the members will be given a warning after the second offense, and if it continues will be banned from this community.

~Please stay on topic. I know at times we all go off on tangents with our comments on a post, but try to stay on topic.

~Spammers will not be tolerated. I don't mind people posting about communities of similar context (relating to blindness or musicianship issues), promotions of gigs and public performances (once per month please), or asking about being blind, but abuse this and you will be given a warning after the second offense, and if it continues will be banned from this community. If you are in need of musicians/vocalists, please look to musicads for your advertising needs. They are not on topic for this discussion group.

~The membership is open to all who wish to join whether you yourself are blind, legally blind, visually impaired or are sighted with curiosity of how blindness and music can work hand in hand. Having members of varying backgrounds only promotes diversity in approach and many times we can learn from each other. If you disagree with a particular technique, it is okay to express that without disregarding the other person's knowledge. Remember, we all come from many schools of thought and have varying ideas on how to accomplish the same task.

But of all else please join in and enjoy yourselves!

Interesting resources and wesites:

Music education Network for the Visually Impaired: