libraspiccfllmt (libraspiccfllmt) wrote in blind_musicians,

Hey all!

I'm back from my craziness.  I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is.  I have come up with a few questions for all of you to discuss.

Since the holidays are coming, how do you celebrate them in a musically?  Do you celebrate playing music?  What do you play?  What do you find is asked of you to play most often?  How did you come to learn it?  Do you find you have to practice it many times, or can you just "wing it"?

I'm always curious how people prepare things and what the routine is.  I just did a big "History of the Flute" recital/mini lecture complete with instruments and demonstrations with music and a small bit of talking in between each piece.  The audience had a great time.  It took so much time to prepare for me, memorizing a few pieces and making sure the little ensembles were practiced up in time.  I had 8 performers, including me, in total and it was quite hectic to say the least.  Collecting all the data for the program and putting it into a booklet for the audince, etc.  Anyway, I was curious what people have done for major performances in the past as well as the above.

Hope you all had a good October!
Tags: concerts, holidays, music, musicians, performing, recital
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