ftealucard (ftealucard) wrote in blind_musicians,

New member and blind musician

Hello everyone-
My name is Jay and I recently found this community in a search. I am a totally blind musician from Pennsylvania and play the alto/soprano saxophone, Yamaha wx5 wind controller and piano/keyboards. I'm going to be attending Duquesne university in pittsburgh in the fall as a grad student, majoring in music performance and music technology/electronic composition. I've been playing music for many years now and so far, I memorize my music from for example, a saxophone teacher recording the sax parts of a piece for me. I also have perfect pitch and that really helps the memorization aspect. Since I will be going in to composition, the staff at Duquesne thought that I should get some training in braille music and music software such as cake walk sonar. I'll be getting the training from the music company Dancing dots starting online on friday and starting with braille music. I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this training and if so, would you perhaps be willing to speak to me on skype or a messenger program about your experiences? For example, how much music information did you know before the training? Did you take notes on or record the training lessons etc? How was the training, was the staff easy to work with?
Another reason the college profs want me to get the training is that they use mac computers, while i will be using windows xp with jaws. I will also have a small music studio set up in my room, with my keyboard and various music equipment. I'll start the training friday and hopefully be finished around august 11th or so, since i will be heading out to pittsburgh on or around august 13th.
Thanks for reading and if anyone has experience with the training from dancing dots, feel free to get in touch with me.
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