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Thought I'd post a hello. I'm an independent Christian musician and was heading toward releasing my first CD when I had to stall the project due to some medical problems that were affecting my ability to sing well. I've been writing music since 1985 and sm primarily a singer but do play the piano by necessity and enjoy arranging and music production as well.

My greatest challenge as a musician who is blind is actually getting to my performance locations when they are in my state. I'd love to know what other people do... If I had regular shows booked up solid, I would take a leap of faith and hire a driver/assistant (and he/she could work my merch table as well). As of right now, I don't have money for this--music is my sole livelihood. So I'm very open to suggestions. It would be important to me to be able to compensate the person as well as pay for the gas. I'm not convinced I could keep drivers just out of enjoyment.

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