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The Blind Musician

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10th June 2008

c_for_chaos10:20am: Question
This is a fairly random question. But I was curious on how many people know how to read music.

I play trumpet and piano but mostly learn by rote. I was never really taught music and wasn't patient enough for Braille music. I march in NIU's huskie marching band and learn drill by having others help me. Is there anyone else who marches in this group?
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27th September 2007

libraspiccfllmt6:24pm: Oppurtunity for MA Disabled Artisans
I recently received an email with this message in it.  I thought to post it here in case anyone is interested.


DCR's Universal Access Program is currently soliciting applications for artists in the parks project.

Professional and amateur artists are eligible. If you or someone you know might be interested in creating art inspired by a site visit to any of DCR's state or urban parks, please consider applying to be part of this project. 10-15 participants will be selected to participate and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

We are looking for all types of art such as visual- drawings, paintings, photography, sculpture, mobiles; performing-music,dance, poetry, fiber arts, etc.

The deadline to apply is being extended to 1O/15/07 so that we have a good pool of applicants. For an application and more information about this project please see attachments.

The application is not difficult to complete. Applicants are strongly encouraged to include 3 digital samples of any art they have done with the application. This can all be sent by email. Please call me if you have any questions.

Cyndy Chamberland

MA Department of Conservation & Recreation

Universal Access Program

40 Cold Storage Drive

Amherst, MA 01004



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21st August 2007

libraspiccfllmt11:07pm: Website Information
Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share a link I recenly came across in case you are interested. I will also put it on the profile page for future reference. It is the Music Education Network For The Visually Impaired and the website is:

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5th July 2007

ziggieretriever9:04pm: Demonstration CD's?
Hello Again,
I received a comment asking which songs were in the 24 Italian songs and arias books. I think this is a marvelous tactic, so here is the list of the repertoire included in this book. If you have demo CD's/cassettes of any or can suggest a collection containing these songs, please let me know.

Here is the list

Per la Gloria d'adorarvi From Griselda by Giovanni Battista Bononcini
Amarilli mia bella by giulio Caccini
Alma Del Core Antonio Caldara
Come Raggio di sol by Antonio Caldara
Sebben crudele by Antonio Caldara
Vittoria mio core! by Giacomo Carissimi
Danza, Danza Fanciulla gentile by Francesco Durante
Virgin tutto amor by Francesco Durante
Caro Mio Ben by Giuseppe Giordani
O del mio dolce ardor by Christoph Willibald von Gluck
Che Fiero costume by Giovanni Legrenzi
Pur dicesti o bocca bella by Antonio Lotti
Il mio bel foco Benedetto Marcello
non posso disperar S. De Luca
lasciatemi morire Claudio Monteverdi
nel cor piu non mi sento by Giovanni Paisiello
se tu m'ami se sospiri Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
Nina by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
gia il sole dal gange by alessandro scarlatti
Le violette by Alessandro Scarlatti
o cessate di piagarmi by Alessandro Scarlatti
se Florindo e Fedele Alessandro Scarlatti
pieta signore! by Alessandro Stradella
Tu lo Sai by Giuseppe Torelle

Naturally I will be scowering amazon for these myself, but if anyone has already done the searching or the singing and would be willing to share the wealth, please let me know. Thank you for being a marvelous resource.


PS. I'm sorry for fellow jaws users who have to listen to the slaughtered pronounciations of the aria titles haha.
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2nd July 2007

ziggieretriever11:18pm: Question for singers
Hello All,
I have the braille copy of "24 Italian Songs and Arias of the 17th and 18th century." I'm a beginner in braille music. Does anyone know if a demonstration CD for this book exists? I found the accompaniment CD on amazon, but I am in desperate need of a model so that I can learn these pieces. Thanks in advance.

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12th June 2007

pianagyrl2:11am: Hey
Hey, I'm an NYU Music Technology Master's student, and play the piano, guitar and sing/songwriter. I'm interested in meeting other blind musicians, for my studies are all about trying to improve music technology for the blind (being legally blind myself). So hit me up!

I guess my real question is...what musical technology are blind musicians wanting? There's already "Dancing Dots" the braille music translator, and voice-enabled keyboards, and notation devices that just allow you to play a midi-keyboard or sing into it in order to notate. What does the music technology scene need improvement on for the blind?

But even if you have no contributions on that note, still hit me up!

My Space
Sound Click 1
Sound Click 2

9th June 2007

ziggieretriever12:10am: Introduction
Hello All,
I just joined this community and thought I'd say hello. My name is Jess and I am a junior in college. Recently I decided to pursue a degree in choral music education and thus began the adventure. I'm just starting to learn braille music and everything involved in that process. I've been singing and teaching for many years so I'm excited to actually be professionally qualified to teach children to sing.

I look forward to reading and responding to posts. Feel free to friend me if you wish.

Current Mood: sort of sleepy
ah_19855:19pm: Hello
I used to be in this community a while back as karaokequeen85, but now I have this journal so rejoined it to the community.

Anyway, I'm Amanda. I play the piano, accordion and a bit of guitar. I used to play a lot of classical stuff on the piano when I had lessons, but I don't have them now with being away at uni. Now, I tend to play a lot more pop stuff. I've never had lessons for the accordion, I just picked it up with being able to play the piano. I've also never really bothered with braille music and only know a tiny bit.

I also like singing too.

Anyway, that's it, and no doubt I'll post again soon. I enjoy making new friends so feel free to add me to LJ if you want.

Bye for now!
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4th June 2007

ashley_ireland2:58pm: music
Hi all: My name is Ashley.

I am in college. Currently I am going to a comunity college, but in August of 2008 I am going to go to UNA where I will major in Elementry education, and minor in music education, that way I can have two degrees. I love music, so much so that I have been in choir for as long as I can remember. Durrently I am in the Women's choir at my school. we have two concerts this week, but then we are done.

I read braille music, although I do not know the entire code. I took a year and a half of theory, but my instructor wasn't very helpfull. I found analyzing Bach, and Chopen difficult, especially when you had to label sequences, mojulations, chords of all kinds. It was frustrating. I als had to figure out a way to get my work back to my teacher. I almost made it through the two year program, butthree-fourths through I got a D. so I have to retake the second half of the second year. I do not have perfect pitch, and I can play piano if I have music and a couple weeks, depending on how difficult the music is to memorize it. I'm happily married, and have a baby on the way.

Well, that is me in a nut shell. Oh, I also have a guide dog named Ireland. Well, if you want to read more of me, or just make a new friend add me as a friend.
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23rd May 2007

libraspiccfllmt10:32am: Hello Out there!
Hi Hi!

How are all of you?  I  know I have been extremely busy with loads of things.  I'm getting gigs again as the summer approaches.  Has anyone here noticed certain times of the year when they are more booked than others.  I notice this time of year because of weddings and other outdoor events.  As I plan my own wedding, I definitely can understand more on what it feels like to get asked to play the strangest requests for weddings.  What are some of your more odder requests for gigs?

Please post about your latest musical happenings and how they are going.  Anyone here in school?  How is your concert season going?  Anyone have any interesting musical happens as of late?  Let us hear about your latest musical endeavors.
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2nd January 2007

libraspiccfllmt7:44pm: Happy New Year!!!
Hello everyone!

How are you doing?  I'm just checking in with everyone hoping that your Holiday Season was a nice one full of good people, good food, and of course good music.

Did anyone get a chance to play any Holiday tunes anywhere for anyone?  I've found that this time of year is always a good one for musicians to enjoy a bit of attention.  Anyone have any good antidodes about the Holidays and music?  Would be nice to hear some fun stories.

I hope that you have had the chance to make a New Year's resolution (if you do that sort of thing).  Anyone have anthing they would like to share about their resolutions?  Practicing more, learning a new instrument, or new piece etc.  Would love to hear from you.

I would also invite all the newer members to please write an entry introducing themselves so we can get to know one another.

3rd November 2006

libraspiccfllmt2:11am: Hey all!
I'm back from my craziness.  I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is.  I have come up with a few questions for all of you to discuss.

Since the holidays are coming, how do you celebrate them in a musically?  Do you celebrate playing music?  What do you play?  What do you find is asked of you to play most often?  How did you come to learn it?  Do you find you have to practice it many times, or can you just "wing it"?

I'm always curious how people prepare things and what the routine is.  I just did a big "History of the Flute" recital/mini lecture complete with instruments and demonstrations with music and a small bit of talking in between each piece.  The audience had a great time.  It took so much time to prepare for me, memorizing a few pieces and making sure the little ensembles were practiced up in time.  I had 8 performers, including me, in total and it was quite hectic to say the least.  Collecting all the data for the program and putting it into a booklet for the audince, etc.  Anyway, I was curious what people have done for major performances in the past as well as the above.

Hope you all had a good October!
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21st August 2006

libraspiccfllmt10:31pm: Still Alive!

Hi all!

I'm just writing to let you all know that I'm still around, but not always online.  I'm doing that job hunting thing because music's pay isn't quite making the rent.  

Anyway, I just wanted to check in and let everyone know that indeed I am alive.  I wanted to post a bit of information that if you don't know it already, well, I guess it would be news to you.  (Don't mind me I'm in a wacky silly mood this evening.)

There is an international women's fraternity called Sigma Alpha Iota.  Thay are a music fraternity, that if you can get the chance, join!  I've been a member now for over a decade (we'll leave it at that:-)) and know of two projects that their Philanthropies have been working on for a while now.  They are in the process of converting standard print music into Braille and bold note formats.  Interestingly enough they call them "Braille Music Project" and the "Bold Note Project".  Very original titles, but it gets the point across.  I don't know if many of you realized the excitment many of the sisters have when they put together this project for us.  So, if you get the chance to try or have tried either format, let us know and tell us how you like it or dislike it.

12th July 2006

ftealucard4:52pm: New member and blind musician
Hello everyone-
My name is Jay and I recently found this community in a search. I am a totally blind musician from Pennsylvania and play the alto/soprano saxophone, Yamaha wx5 wind controller and piano/keyboards. I'm going to be attending Duquesne university in pittsburgh in the fall as a grad student, majoring in music performance and music technology/electronic composition. I've been playing music for many years now and so far, I memorize my music from for example, a saxophone teacher recording the sax parts of a piece for me. I also have perfect pitch and that really helps the memorization aspect. Since I will be going in to composition, the staff at Duquesne thought that I should get some training in braille music and music software such as cake walk sonar. I'll be getting the training from the music company Dancing dots starting online on friday and starting with braille music. I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this training and if so, would you perhaps be willing to speak to me on skype or a messenger program about your experiences? For example, how much music information did you know before the training? Did you take notes on or record the training lessons etc? How was the training, was the staff easy to work with?
Another reason the college profs want me to get the training is that they use mac computers, while i will be using windows xp with jaws. I will also have a small music studio set up in my room, with my keyboard and various music equipment. I'll start the training friday and hopefully be finished around august 11th or so, since i will be heading out to pittsburgh on or around august 13th.
Thanks for reading and if anyone has experience with the training from dancing dots, feel free to get in touch with me.

5th July 2006

libraspiccfllmt9:14pm: Blind Musicians Honored

Welcome to the newest memebers of the community.  I'm sorry I was away for a few days, but I'm back.

Did anyone else catch the Pop Goes the Fourth of July celebration concert from the Capitol?  They honored Stevie Wonder an award from the National Orchestra and he performed many of his most popular songs.  It was great to see him perform like that.

It was a nice concert, but I have noticed that those of us in the classical music community are being required to play so many genres.  Has anyone else noticed this trend and what are your thoughts?  Do you feel it comprimises the musicality and brings the music down, or do you think it elevates the quality of musician having to be such a versatile performer?  I know how I would answer,  but would love to hear your thoughts.

Being that some of you don't "read" music, I was curious as to your take on this.  Most classicaly-trained musicians are taught to play the page, but feel the music, whereas, the non-classical genres have you feel it first and then apply musical knowledge to the performance.

Crossposted to libraspiccfllmt and blind_musicians

30th June 2006

amani_851:41pm: intro
Hello, I just found this group. I am 20 and in college studying graphic design and minor in music. I have albinism and I am legally blind. I started playing piano and percussion when I was about 5. I was also singing in school choirs. In high school I took voice lessons and played mallets and bass drum in the marching band. In college, I started taking piano lessons again. I am also taking voice lessons and learning to play snare drum and drum set. I am interested in all genres of music but my favorites are jazz, 90s r&b, hip hop, classical, alternative rock, and music from other countries/languages. I write and produce my own music and am working on my first album. I also have worked with other musicians on writing and performing at shows.

My myspace artist page is http://www.myspace.com/soulfejge

3rd July 2006

molly804:18pm: Help Needed and Intro
Hi All,
My name is Melissa and I'm a blind 26 year old from Melbourne,Australia.

I have had vision problems all my life but went blind in my 20's.

Have always had an interest in music and have played the keyboard for many years but gave it up when I was 14. Have just started up again with the keyboard and have just brought myself a beautiful new 4 octave keyboard.

I have a question that someone may be able to answer me. Does anyone know the notes to "Chopsticks" in piano?
I have always wanted to play it but never knew the notes to it.

I have only self taught myself to play the keyboard.

Kindest Regards
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4th June 2006

libraspiccfllmt9:48am: Hello All!
I just wanted to send a warm fuzzies and a big "Welcome" to all the new members that haven't introduced themselves yet!  I hope to start putting up a question randomly to start dialogue between those here.  If anyone ever has questions, stories, or anything else that they would like to share, you are welcome to put something up!

My first questions is this:

What do you think about programs for concerts being required to be in alternative formats (example- Braille or large print)?  Should this be enforced or does it not matter.  What do you all think?

This is just for discussion, not to start any wars.  I'm getting verclempt discuss amoungst yourselves...LOL!

Enjoy!  :-D
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pianagyrl2:46am: NY Blind Musician
I am a blind musician based in New York City who would love to network with other blind musicians...in NY and around the world.
Check out my stuff, also drop me a line.
Thanks a lot

album coverLACHI: And This is my Life...

A deep yet colorful mix of smooth jazz chords atop stellar classical piano, flavored with existential, antifolk and metaphysical lyrics and topped with a touch of true emotion....moving; influenced by Radio Head, Ella Fitzgerald, Beethoven, The Beetles.

Buy the CD


20th May 2006

megs6238:59pm: New Member Intro
Hello everyone! libraspiccfllmt  told me about this group, so I thought I'd come check it out. :)

My name is Megan. I'm 21 (22 next month) and I will be starting my fifth year of college in the fall. I started out as a Music Education major, but dropped the Education part of the degree halfway through my sophomore year. This actually set me back a bit because I didn't have any of the general education requirements. I also decided to pick up a psychology minor because its interesting and I knew then that I'd be in school for five years already so why not get more out of it than just one major? If you'd like to know, I dropped the education part because the education department and the music department did not get along. I have been thinking about going back to school somewhere else later on to get my education degree, but I doubt it at this point in time.

My primary instrument is flute. I've never played piccolo. I'm actually not a big fan of it unless you can play really well. And a talented piccolo player is hard to come by. I recently picked up alto flute for my flute quartet and fell in love. 

I started out in 3rd grade on piano and percussion. My mom played alto sax and flute when she was younger so I always messed around with both instruments when I was growing up. Mom bought me a flute when I was in 8th grade and I pretty much taught myself until we finally decided I needed a teacher halfway through high school. Music is all I've ever known. It's always been a big part of my life, so that's why I am majoring in it in college. 

Let's see, what else can I say... I love animals, especially dogs. One of my goals in life is to start my own animal rescue center. I'd be happy with just working for one I guess. I have an 8 year old mut named Alli and she's my best friend. I know its cheesy, but she is. Her mom was a black lab and her dad was a german shepard, but she's got long blonde hair... almost yellow lab-ish. Her personality is definitely that of a german shepard, though.

Okay, I will stop babbling now. I look forward to getting to know all of you. :)
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17th May 2006

lilsinger_955:35am: Intro
Sorry my intros sort of coming long after I joined. I've been really busy with finals/moving out of my dorm and back home for the summer and honestly haven't had much time to get online and do LJ stuff.

Hi, I'm Laura. I'm (now) a sophomore music therapy major at Western Illinois University. I'm totally blind and have been since about eighteen months old due to a genetic condition which I will spare you all from the long drawn out name. The acronym for the condition is FEVR and there's actually a FEVR.net website out there devoted to the condition. It's staange though cuz I've never met anyone else with it except for the people in my family.

So I've just finished my first year in college as a music therapy student, and I'm loving it! It's amazing and challenging and amazing and did I mention amazing? At first it was rough starting out because I don't like performing all that much (at least back last semester it gave me something close to panick atacks). Now my nerves have gotten much better and I've learned to accept all of the requirements of being a music major. I don't read braille music all that well, and basically I'm learning as I go. When we learn about a new topic in theory class I'd pull out my book of braille music symbols another bklind music major loned me and looked it up. I performed in our concert choir both semesters this past year, and I joined our steel drum band this spring. I had to struggle through reading a lot of music for steel band, and it was my most challenging and musically intensive class I had even though it was an ensemble. I learned a ton for it, and in the end I was immensely glad I did it. I also came in to college with ilttle music training beyond a tiny bit of piano and what vocal techniques I'd learned from being in choir since 6th grade. I started private lessons in college. I'm happy to say that my vocal technique and ability has improved a ton! I'm amazed at the improvement I notice from this time last year at my audition.

I began field experience in usic therapy during the spring semester. Our college starts us pretty early in field experience which is what I love about our program. I know at some colleges you don't start until junior year with music therapy.experience. Anyways, I met with a client (the same one) for about 2wenty minutes each week. I planned and implemented a session each week, though my professor observed and gave input when necessary. Sadly my amazingly awesome professor is also retiring thi year, and we'll have a new professor in to run the program next year. Needless to say there'll be lots of changes. Bruce (current prof) has worked with another blind person in the program in the past and has developed some ways around visual things. I'm sure this new lady will be resourceful and accomodating, but it's a little daunting to have to start over with someone new when I was jsut getting used to and trusting of my current prof. Plus this new lady is a bit intimidating.

Hmm... nothing else really. I love music and music therapy. I fully believe in te healing powers of music, and I could never express in words how perfectly right music therapy feels for me.

This community was a great idea, and I can't wait to hear about other experiences!

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10th May 2006


Hi community members.  I have a request given to me by a Guide Dog Foundation alumnus.  We are looking to find anyone that attended the Guide Dog Foundation, Inc, of Smithtown, NY, US and is a professional level musician.  If you have both of these qualities, would you be interested in participating in a fundraiser for the GDF next spring?  If so, write a message below so that I collect the appropriate information from you.

Thans you.

Cross-posted to gdf_inc, guide_dog, and blind_musicians

7th May 2006

libraspiccfllmt7:42pm: Mod Post!
Wow! the membership has been growing by leaps and bounds. Yay!!! Hello, hello to all the new members! I would just like people to feel comfortable in asking questions, posting stories, or anything else that comes across your minds that relates to our topic of course. *Winks*

6th May 2006

3kitties5:23pm: introduction

Thought I'd post a hello. I'm an independent Christian musician and was heading toward releasing my first CD when I had to stall the project due to some medical problems that were affecting my ability to sing well. I've been writing music since 1985 and sm primarily a singer but do play the piano by necessity and enjoy arranging and music production as well.

My greatest challenge as a musician who is blind is actually getting to my performance locations when they are in my state. I'd love to know what other people do... If I had regular shows booked up solid, I would take a leap of faith and hire a driver/assistant (and he/she could work my merch table as well). As of right now, I don't have money for this--music is my sole livelihood. So I'm very open to suggestions. It would be important to me to be able to compensate the person as well as pay for the gas. I'm not convinced I could keep drivers just out of enjoyment.

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karaokequeen856:00pm: new member!
Hey everyone!

I'm Amanda and I'm from the UK. I can play the piano, the accordion, the tin wissel, and a bit of guitar. I think my favourite out of those instruments is the piano, which I used to have lessons for. I don't practise as much though now with being away at uni, but I have my keyboard with me, so I sometimes practise on that.
I'm also in to singing, and I'm in a rock-gospil choir, which is cool!

Anyway, this community sounds cool!

have a nice day everyone!
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