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Hi all: My name is Ashley.

I am in college. Currently I am going to a comunity college, but in August of 2008 I am going to go to UNA where I will major in Elementry education, and minor in music education, that way I can have two degrees. I love music, so much so that I have been in choir for as long as I can remember. Durrently I am in the Women's choir at my school. we have two concerts this week, but then we are done.

I read braille music, although I do not know the entire code. I took a year and a half of theory, but my instructor wasn't very helpfull. I found analyzing Bach, and Chopen difficult, especially when you had to label sequences, mojulations, chords of all kinds. It was frustrating. I als had to figure out a way to get my work back to my teacher. I almost made it through the two year program, butthree-fourths through I got a D. so I have to retake the second half of the second year. I do not have perfect pitch, and I can play piano if I have music and a couple weeks, depending on how difficult the music is to memorize it. I'm happily married, and have a baby on the way.

Well, that is me in a nut shell. Oh, I also have a guide dog named Ireland. Well, if you want to read more of me, or just make a new friend add me as a friend.
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