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Blind Musicians Honored

Welcome to the newest memebers of the community.  I'm sorry I was away for a few days, but I'm back.

Did anyone else catch the Pop Goes the Fourth of July celebration concert from the Capitol?  They honored Stevie Wonder an award from the National Orchestra and he performed many of his most popular songs.  It was great to see him perform like that.

It was a nice concert, but I have noticed that those of us in the classical music community are being required to play so many genres.  Has anyone else noticed this trend and what are your thoughts?  Do you feel it comprimises the musicality and brings the music down, or do you think it elevates the quality of musician having to be such a versatile performer?  I know how I would answer,  but would love to hear your thoughts.

Being that some of you don't "read" music, I was curious as to your take on this.  Most classicaly-trained musicians are taught to play the page, but feel the music, whereas, the non-classical genres have you feel it first and then apply musical knowledge to the performance.

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