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Hello All!

I just wanted to send a warm fuzzies and a big "Welcome" to all the new members that haven't introduced themselves yet!  I hope to start putting up a question randomly to start dialogue between those here.  If anyone ever has questions, stories, or anything else that they would like to share, you are welcome to put something up!

My first questions is this:

What do you think about programs for concerts being required to be in alternative formats (example- Braille or large print)?  Should this be enforced or does it not matter.  What do you all think?

This is just for discussion, not to start any wars.  I'm getting verclempt discuss amoungst yourselves...LOL!

Enjoy!  :-D
Tags: braille, concerts, large-print, music, musicians, program formats, warm fuzzies, welcome
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Okay, I'll start.

Most places I go around here will give you a large print or braille program if you just ask them. I think it's fine that they don't have them right at the door. I know ushering is a pain in the butt... I do it all the time. But if you simply call ahead to request one or ask when you get there, you'll be able to have one.

For me, I always just have whoever I'm with read it to me. lol But that's because I'm one of those people who doesn't want to put others out of place. :/
I don't think that Braille or large print programs should be required. It would be nice if most concerts had them, but because of the mney cost, I don't think they would be practical.
That'd definitely be a good idea if concert programmes were in alternative formts because although it's kind of nice to have a surprise of what's on, say for example if yu heard a performance you really liked but didn't know what it was but wanted that song because you liked it but you didn't get a chance to ask someone or did but forgot the name of the song later, then at least if you had the programme you could look in that.